Monday, 2 March 2015

Birthdays and the beach!

Right, so the calendar tells me it's MARCH, and before I forget my password to this blog, I thought it might be time to bump the Christmas photos off the top of the blog! I'm struggling to understand how it only just seemed like Christmas but now it's the third month of 2015??

Anyway, before Autumn and her beautiful colours really arrive, here are a few beach photos to prolong that Summer feeling.

Recently we went back to a little place on the mid-north coast where my family have holidayed for years and years and years. We haven't taken our own kids for about seven and with a birthday to celebrate (Ruby's!) we thought we might join the cousins and grandparents for a long weekend.

The colour of the water still stuns...

Of course, a birthday isn't a birthday without decorations. Clemmie and the cousins had a wonderful time pretty-ing up the tree under which we all camped for the day. It all looked so beautiful, they did a lovely job.

We had a lovely time and even though there probably weren't enough shops (and too much beach) for the birthday girl, I really think she enjoyed having her family around her, I know the rest of us did!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas in photos and Happy New Year!

You can tell you're on holidays when you have no idea what day it is. I know it's January 1st but it took me a while to work out what day of the week we're on. We've been having a lovely time with no routine and the weather has been simply gorgeous. So much beautiful rain! You can find us hanging out with friends or filming action shots on the trampoline (Felix), in a DVD marathon between Wiggles and Play School (Clemmie) or flat out sleeping (Ruby Doo). As for Sherb and I, we've been reading! 

Here's what the last couple of weeks has looked like...
  1. Handmade Christmas gifts, made at school with love from Felix.
  2. Am not ready to take down the tree and all the decorations, still love everything twinkling away at night.
  3. Took this on the weekend when we went back in time to the middle of winter with rain and fog galore and the most stunning sunset.
  4. Stars of Bethlehem...
  5. We went with a "found" theme for the Christmas wrapping. In other words, what I already had around the house; stickers, brown paper, streamers and lots of neon pink and green. As Al called it on Instagram, it was a high vis Christmas!
  6. The Christmas table set for lunch with the extended family. Was beautiful.
  7. Our Christmas table at home. 
  8. Just about to start the top one, but finished the bottom three, loved them.
  9. Summer Memories rose on the bedside table.
  10. What's Christmas without a bit of Barbie?
  11. And last night's sky, sunset on New Year's Eve. My parents came out for lunch yesterday and dad couldn't get over how green everything is, he thought he was in Ireland too!  
And in amongst it for me, lots of taking in the view, prayer and meditation on the year just gone and the year ahead. Can't quite wrap my head around it just yet. But hope that this New Year brings calm, peace and safety for everyone. Happy New Year to you xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Blessings on Christmas Eve

We took a Christmas drink up to Daisy's trees tonight and while watching the most beautiful sunset, we toasted Opa, Milo and Daisy and lit a candle for them next to a love heart made from rose petals. Everything is ready for tomorrow, even my fragile old heart.

Ruby and I braved the shops this afternoon for a couple of last minute things and on the way home we listened to this beautiful Christmas song. We have a lovely old time singing in the car together, we're so lucky to have the same taste in music (said with a giant wink!) You just can't go past Amy and her Christmas songs though, each one reminds me of someone or a past Christmas and they usually have me in tears. I love the words to this one, so timely for our world now.
Tears are falling, hearts are breaking
How we need to hear from God.
You've been promised, we've been waiting,
Welcome Holy Child... 

And now, the girls are in bed, and I'm tucked up on the lounge with my boys watching Carols and listening to the thunder and more beautiful rain. I love a rainy Christmas.

I hope your Christmas is a lovely, safe and Holy one. And rainy if you need the rain! And wishing you every good blessing for the New Year xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Friday Skyday

This is quite possibly my most favourite photo of the year! All credit goes to my husband for taking this one of Milly and Martha looking so gorgeous and contrasting beautifully with the dramatically stormy sky behind them. I just love everything about it; the colour of the grass, the light on the girls, the navy and grey sky with the promise of more rain in those clouds. Yep, I even love those filthy knees!

Joining in here with Skywatch Friday.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday Skyday

I said on Instagram today that I was reminded of the beautiful Irish Blessing this week at school presentation night, when the graduating class were farewelled with the words of that poem. And yes, there were tears. All mine!

It's thundered and stormed and rained for almost a week up here now and every time I look out the window I'm stunned at how green everything is, and how quickly it became so green. It's quite incredible and long may it last! I took the camera out for a walk tonight but I don't think these photos show how really green it all is out there. We could be in Ireland for all we know, especially with an icy-cold wind blowing in tonight (in the middle of an Australian December!)

Anyhow, with calming green as one of my favourite colours I'm just embracing the view and the peace that it brings during this busy season, and I feel truly that my little family is being held right now, in the palm of God's hand.

Joining in here with Skywatch Friday.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Weekly Stills: An Almost Christmas Collection!

  1. Just finished this book. One of my big dreams is to walk El Camino on pilgrimage from somewhere in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, so every now and then I do a bit of research. I have a time frame in mind -within the next ten years - and I don't have to do it in one go either because who will mind the kids? There's just a couple of people I need to convince to join me though. No rush, no pressure! 
  2. Sinterklaas! On the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas we shove the little clogs (klompen) under the tree for Sinterklaas to fill with chocolates. I love Sherb's stories of Sinterklaas and Christmas when he was growing up, they're so different to mine.
  3. Early morning light.
  4. I was on the morning coffee run at soccer training the other day. We always return to the same cafe that gives us a chocolate freckle with the cappuccinos, and the waiter who calls us "darling". It's the little things that sets us mothers up for the day!
  5. From my trusty old Women's Weekly Christmas book, never too late to make that Christmas cake, says she who's had the page sitting open on the bench for a week. Think I'll do it today.
  6. Afternoon light on the lamb's ears.
  7. Yesterday's skies were incredible, bright blue and white with fluffy clouds, turning to rainy and stormy and then the most stunning sunset over the fog.
  8. And twenty minutes later, more rain. We've been so lucky and grateful.
  9. Outside looking in.
I'm trying my hardest to soak up every minute of these next couple of weeks, they'll be over before we know it. What a year it's been.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Skyday

I know I should be showing you tonight's sky, but as it's finally RAINING outside (!!) I couldn't let this week pass without posting this sky from two days ago. It was one of those gorgeous, rich summer sunsets with the most beautiful colours. I loved it.

Complete with a little bit of rain out there. Stunning!

Joining in here for Skywatch Friday. Hope you're getting lots of rain wherever you are too xx