Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

So technically, these are the photos I took of my week, the week before last! Is anyone still reading here?
  • Well I've been reading, but just not this blog. I've picked Burial Rites up and put it down a few times over the past couple of years but finally got through it. And all I can say is, "holey dooley Agnes"! Also, how does one young Australian woman write so evocatively about Iceland? I was right there with her! Incredible. I enjoyed The End of Your Life Book Club for the list of future reads it gave me (and the insight into the mother and son relationship, as well as learning about the inspirational mother). And am happy to read anything Judith Lucy writes too.
  • These hotter than hot days are great for pizza dough proving, but once it's risen, trying to knead it into something resembling a pizza base is too hard. Too hot!
  • Pastel pink Pierre de Ronsard and Mary roses for Melbourne Cup day.  
  • Speaking of Cup day, these beautiful creations arrived home from pre-school: a couple of gorgeous fascinator-slash-hats, heavy on the pipe cleaners, netting, cellophane and confetti! Too cute.
  • The ferns are coming back after I gave them all haircuts and a bit of fertiliser a few weeks ago, I love that green.
  • Blooms on the lemon tree.
  • Lately Clemmie's been dressing herself, choosing all her own outfits, not caring whether it's too hot for leggings and a beanie or not. She's becoming very partial to anything shiny. Too many sequins and glitter is not enough. She's her mother's daughter, that's for sure.
  • Couldn't get over the sky the other night. The light was incredible. So theatrical!
I know it's fast becoming a blog of occasional weekly photos, am okay with that for the time being, even if I can't keep up with the weeks! Hope you're all well xx

Monday, 27 October 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

This post should come with a warning: it's heavy on the pink side! But I don't think I can take photos of my week without including a bit of pink, it's all over this house!
  • I couldn't take my eyes off that sky the other day, those clouds were doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
  • See? Stunning!
  • That fern is so happy in this corner, must be all the beautiful morning light it gets.
  • Here's a close up of dear Martha. Really resembling her camel heritage here, she's just lovely.
  • Can you see Clemmie's reflection in the glass cupboard doors? She stands in front of it everyday, doing all her dance moves and admiring herself in the glass. So cute! And see how I've directed your attention towards the cupboard and away from the washing piled up, as usual, on the daybed down the hall?
  • And they said it wasn't a good spot for the icebergs when I planted them in August. Look at them, all flowering for the first time, loving their garden bed. (She says as the weekend wind has knocked them nearly horizontal!)
  • More pink. Clementine's floor lately, glitzy shoes, fairy wings, and the soccer ball she kicks around with Felix most nights.
  • This was Brunch last Sunday. Sherb has been craving pancakes so I finally made them for him. Complete with a set table and bunch of roses. Spoiled.
So that was last week. This next week might include photos of the parched garden, struggling in the late-30 degree heat that has hit us over the last few days. Summer, you're a bit early! It brought with it the first snake sighting of the season, a tiny baby brown (?) sitting in the courtyard yesterday. By the time I'd stopped squealing and Sherb had found his boots, it was gone. Hopefully to a land far far away, along with its mother, who, please God, has packed up the siblings and is long gone too. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

End of the Week (Thursday) Thankful!

I've had some really lovely experiences these last few weeks, a couple of challenging ones too, but I'm thankful for them all...

  • being offered lots of work this term
  • giggling with kindergarten and their adorable sight word games, they just make you leave all your worries behind those little kids!
  • Clementine's attempts at speech lately. I think that hearing aid just might be working! The other day I was buckling her into her car seat after pre-school and was chatting away to her while she watched the other kids going home with their carers. I was saying to her "This one's going home with their mummy, and that one's going home with their mummy. Who's your mummy Clem?" And she pointed to me and as clear as a bell, said "YOU". I'm thankful for that because it's the first time she's said "you" AND put it into context too. So exciting. I also think I'm hearing the "d" sound too, woohoo!
  • am thankful that we've had the gal-pacas in our care for 2 weeks and we've all survived! They seem happy too, they're coming when they're called, they're allowing Felix to hand feed them, and even the dog isn't freaking them out as much. They also haven't escaped which is the best part. 
  • Sherb and his anti-thrip oil. Sadly nearly every one of those Mon Petit Chou rosebuds (above) are affected by thrip this year again. Sherb has taken matters into his own hands and has given them the specialised pest treatment. He is a wonder that man.
  • Friends who offer to help with after-school sport allowing Ruby to stay in the routine she needs, I'm really thankful for that at the moment.
  • People who know just what to say when there's not much to say. I was talking to a beautiful friend of mine recently in a carpark. She was asking about Ruby and when I was telling her the latest she and I were both feeling a bit teary. She asked me if she could pray for us and right there in the carpark, tears rolling down both our cheeks, we prayed. It was such a special moment, I told her later that I walked on cloud nine all day, I just felt so loved. Am really thankful for that friend and that moment.
  • And I was talking with a neighbour who's recently lost her husband of many years. Once again, we were both in tears (this time at the letterbox) and she was so eloquent in telling me how she was feeling and about the life they'd shared. She said something that has stayed with me; she said that she knew her husband didn't have a lot of money when they married and that he'd talked about wanting to give her a nicer home and better things. She said that she'd always told him that they had just enough. She didn't want a bigger house or more things, she was just so happy with the life they had together. He'd given her a simple life and that's all she'd ever wanted. Cue the tears. I've been thinking about that a lot, it makes all the sense in the world to me.
  • And am really thankful for our garden. It's coming along slowly but surely and there's just something really lovely about being able to go outside whenever I want and pick a few snow peas or sweet peas and a posy of roses or two. And smelling their gorgeous scent in every room in the house is pretty special too.
Am joining in here with you Bron!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Introducing these gorgeous girls...

                                                                                   Milly and Martha!

I love a man with a plan and for as long as we've been on the hill, and probably before that even, Sherb's been researching and planning how to get some livestock up here. Something that'll cope with the weather, keep the grass down and generally add visual interest to the landscape (or maybe that was my plan).

Anyway, he decided on these beautiful blondes and after he'd finished fencing their top paddock, he brought them home. And we're all in love!

I mean, how could you not fall in love with their gorgeous (newly shorn) locks, fluffy ears, long necks and skinny little faces? And those dreamy eyes and luscious lashes? I can't stop giggling when I drive up the driveway and see those long necks peeking above the grass. They are so cute!

Well, maybe not everyone's in love. Clemmie's terrified (although she includes them in her bedtime prayers along with every other animal she knows, and asks about them all the time). Ajax doesn't appear to be either. He's a little shellshocked, I think we all are. Sherb's thinking positively, he reckons the girls are loving the view. I think they're wondering how the hell they got here? And what's with the pesky dog? And when can they go home to the alpaca farm? I wish I could get a photo of the cat, Claude watching them from a safe distance, I don't think he's quite recovered from their arrival. He's very wary.

Anyway they're here to stay and please God they stay strong and healthy. They've just survived their first storm overnight which was worrying, although I was reminded that they've come from a cold climate so they can cope with cool and windy conditions. But they are in the family way so add that to the list of worries. Sherb doesn't do things by halves, he didn't just want a pair of alpacas, he wanted more babies too. 

Yep, in what seems like one of the longest periods in animal gestation, two baby alpacas will be born in 11 months time. And apparently those of us with the smallest hands will be on standby for delivery. Felix darling, that might be you. I'll be on standby with the hot water and towels. 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Weekly (Monthly!) Stills: A Collection

Look I'm not even going back to see how long ago I posted my last set of "Weekly Stills". It should be monthly stills at this rate. Anyway, let's get back into it. Here's what's been going on over the last little while, and as usual, it's mostly about the garden.

  1. That right there is my pride and joy. I bought that orchid last year from the bargain bin in the nursery for about $5 I think; it was well past its flowering prime and having never grown a moth orchid before I thought I'd give it a whirl. Remember months ago I posted a photo of what I thought was a flower bud? Well that turned out to be a flower spike and from that spike at least 7 flowers have appeared. So exciting! I look at it every morning to check on its progress, am just like a mother hen.
  2. The neighbour's sheep. This is the reason I haven't cooked a leg of lamb for my family for about 3 years, I just can't hear the bleats of those baby lambs and then serve them up to my kids. Good thing the kids (or Sherb) don't care, what they didn't have they don't miss, or words to that effect. 
  3. Baby's tears overflowing.
  4. Here's the orchid again in our happy place, a corner of our bedroom. This has been my hiding spot these school holidays, it's amazing how if I sit here with the cushion over my right shoulder I can't be seen by my kids or husband. They all come in, look in the wardrobe and the bathroom, yell out "Muuuum!" and then disappear, leaving me alone. It's incredible, it's like an invisible chair. Is it just me or do those chair legs look wonky to you too? Better go check on that situation...
  5. And there's another orchid. I can't take any credit for those gorgeous blooms, they were already in full flowering mode when I bought it home. I couldn't resist the colour. Fingers crossed I can keep it alive for another year too.
  6. I got down on the ground to show you just what those jolly kangaroos have done to the liriope. We thought we were planting it to use as a pretty border for the garden bed, the skippies thought we'd planted it for their evening meal! See how short they are? It's interesting how they've left alone the aggies, the roses, the lamb's ears and salvias, but love liriope. Tune in next week when I'll show you the fence Sherby whipped up to keep them out. It's incredible what one man can do.
  7. Someone had her nails done. Courtesy of her adored cousins. Red for the fingers and violet on the toes. Exactly the same as the adored cousins' fingers and toes. Naturally.
I don't want to make any promises I can't keep, but I think I might have got my blog mojo back. It's been missing for a while, I feel like I haven't much to say. Still have some worries with Ruby Doo's poor old head which is scary and I've just been wanting to keep an eye on her instead of the internet. Although I do love sticking a photo on instagram every now and then. Usually of the view or a flower or two. But it would be good to keep posting them over here too. Will give it another go. Hope all's well in your worlds xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Thursday Thankful

I have to apologise for the lack of blogging. It's been a while between posts and I only have tonsillitis to blame. But now that I have my voice and a bit of energy back, I have a lot to be thankful for...

  • lovely friends who check in to see how you're going.
  • a cat miraculously healing his sore paw without an expensive trip to the vet. I'm looking at you Claude, what a relief.
  • getting some days' work at a lovely school.
  • a little girl wearing her new hearing aid and having her teachers tell me what a difference it's been making. I'm looking at you darling Clementine, good girl!
  • beautiful drenching rain to fill the tanks and kick-start rose season!
  • true love....ahhh....Sherby and I were at a beautiful wedding recently and all I could think about was how happy endings and new beginnings are possible and how dreams really can come true...I know, mush mush mush...you can imagine the tears, I was bawling like a baby. So embarrassing.
  • husbands who dance at weddings! Sherby, I'm looking at you, we didn't know you had it in you!
  • compliments. Let me tell you, if ever you need a bit of a pick me up, help out in a kindergarten class. The compliments from the five and six year olds are overwhelming. You'll walk out of there on cloud nine believing that your hair really is beautiful, as is your outfit and jewellery and lipstick and you'll feel this way all afternoon. I can highly recommend it.
  • kids who stun you with their poetry homework.
  • and rainbows on the days I really need them. Took the photos above one Sunday not long ago on a really special weekend for the kids in the family. I know I harp on about the rainbows but I do see them as a gift and am so grateful when they appear. 
Am joining in with you Bron!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Ten on Ten

Joining in again with Rebekah, taking ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of, AUGUST? On a beautiful Sunday, one of those great days to just hang out at home.